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“My early life was in musical comedy theatre and I’ve always kept that.

I think it’s kind of my basic training and I’ve always been very aware of comics and what they do.

There are a few things on my bucket list that I doubt if I’ll ever get to do. But I’m a terrible driver, so that’s probably not a good idea.

The other is doing a stand up comedy routine, just me in front of an audience with jokes.

While the iron is hot A lot of actors tell me they're selective, but when a job comes up, I tend to take it. So going to work is pretty important because as an actor, you can get a job and it can be your last job.

I don't have any hobbies, I don't have kids, I don't particularly like to travel.

“If you’re lucky something early on in your career works and a lot of people see it.

Got the girl I was 19 and one of the Jets in West Side Story, and Georgianne was one of the Jets' girlfriends. It's a very special place, particularly in the wintertime. There's something about sitting in a chair and reading a good writer. Humble pie I think any reasonable human being has no choice but to be humble.

If you're a sensible human being, you have no choice but to thank God that it's working out so far.

Gamblin' man I think it's probably true with everything in life, but in movie acting especially, there's a big element of luck. All right, so you get bad reviews, people say you stink, then it's over with. Cooking, like a lot of things, has to do with the ingredients. You can ruin a piece of fish by cooking it too long.

If something doesn't work, what are they going to do to you?Hare gets his point across about international corporate and government skulduggery while we get to enjoy a series of delectable scenes in which Walken and Nighy circle each other, crumpled and vital and incorrigible all at the same time.

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