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To celebrate the Games, Britannica is pleased to offer a broad selection of information on Vancouver and the Olympics, including a video highlighting the city’s history and geography; an interactive map of the Olympic venues; a brief history of the Winter Olympic Games and past Canadian Games, with tables featuring International Olympic Committee (IOC) presidents, sites of the Olympic Games through the years, and medal winners of 2006; a colourful photo gallery; and daily highlights of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Thereafter the Winter and Summer Games were each held quadrennially, alternating in even-numbered years.

Only the British team and American Theresa Weld, who won the bronze medals in pairs and women’s singles respectively, prevented a Scandinavian sweep. Norway topped the medals table with a total of 17, and the Scandinavian countries, which altogether captured 28 of the 43 medals awarded, dropped their previous objections.

Canada captured the gold medal in ice hockey, with the United States winning silver and Czechoslovakia finishing with the bronze. The following year the IOC altered its charter to create a separate Winter Olympics. Moritz, Switz., in 1928 were formally designated the second Winter Olympics.

British skater Madge Cave Syers captured the first women’s title and won the bronze in pairs with her husband, Edgar Syers.

Anna Hübler and Heinrich Burger of Germany won the gold medal in pairs.The following summaries of the two previous Canadian Olympics are taken from Britannica’s Olympic Games article.

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