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20-Nov-2017 10:08

Do not volunteer information to the police or make any statements without first securing the services of a proven criminal defense lawyer.

At The Bigney Law Firm, we fight for the rights of men, women and juvenile clients facing allegations of serious sex crimes, including: When your reputation and future are at stake, there is no such thing as a minor criminal charge.

(Both companies told local media after the arrests that the men are no longer employed with them.) Some men allegedly brought sex toys. Another allegedly arrived with an extra pair of underwear, intending to claim his child victim’s panties as a trophy, according to local newspaper the Daily Commercial.Not only because authorities caught enough suspects to field a football game, but because of whom they arrested. Among those apprehended during the week-long sting was a handful of men whose jobs involved children, including three current and former theme park employees and a youth counselor.Jeff Conrad, for example, told deputies that he had worked at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, half an hour away in Orlando.“He owns two Jaguars, and he gets food stamps,” Judd said.

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If you are wondering if you can afford to fight a sex crime charge in Florida, you should be asking: Can you afford not to?

No case is too large or too small for our attorneys.