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Meaning a lot of people are stuck paying between 2% and 3% at the mo, despite Euribor dropping to about 0,8%. Anyway, after the ruling, Cajamar and BBVA have announced they will implement the ruling at once, dropping the interest rate as from the 1st of June. If it is linked to the Euribor rate directly then it will probably go down as the "floor" is typically between 3 and 4% where Euribor is now about 0.5%.

However many banks use a different type of rate as their reference.

After that the mortgagee renegotiates the terms, or switches to a different mortgage with a different bank.

So I'm sure you're right: this will benefit people until the term of their existing trackers expire (but question: how many people in Spain have taken out mortgages in the past few years? it wouldn't surprise me if it was revealed that this only became law at this time, with the recovery about to bloom, because the banks "let it", by stopping their resistance and lobbying.

Hi I've just completed the 'process' with my bank La Caixa to claim overpayments due to the floor clause.

After 3 months 10 days I received a standard letter (I know this as a friend with the same bank received it as well!

That will involve significant costs which could offset the savings.

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They did drop the clause in August 2015, possibly as people have and continue to make claims via lawyers which are largely successful.

Google for 'clausula suelo formulario' adding the name of the bank.

But I was in a discount tour bus, so that probably doesn’t count either.… continue reading »

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