No sex allowed on campus

07-Nov-2017 07:27

For example, despite forced changes in leadership, Baylor continues to be embroiled in investigations and lawsuits, facing allegations that the university was “deliberately indifferent” to reports of sexual assault involving student-athletes.In January 2016, Florida State settled for 0,000 with a former student who alleged that “university officials concealed and obstructed the sexual assault investigation so that [Jameis] Winston could play football.” Though some of the institutions have enacted policies in response to similar allegations, there has been controversy over administrative response to sexual assault at: Amherst, Columbia, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, Hobart and William Smith, Boston University, Loyola University at Chicago and the Universities of Connecticut, Delaware, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, Niagara, North Carolina, Richmond, Tennessee and Tulsa.These students carry the kind of privilege that Mac Kinnon described, and they often know it.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, a six-time NBA champion, MVP and former UCLA star, once called out his fellow student-athletes on this issue: On average, athletes are more likely than other students on campus to identify with hypermasculinity and to accept "rape myths” to justify sexual assaults.

Encouraging and training students to interrupt sexual assaults before they begin — what we call bystander intervention — is one of the most promising prevention strategies.

Evidence also suggests they’re more likely to be confused about consent and admit to having committed acts of sexual aggression.

In writing “American Hookup” — in listening carefully to students and documenting how they choose and talk about their sexual partners — I came to understand how high-status athletes are able to persist in holding and acting on these beliefs if they choose to, and with greater impunity than their peers. In the culture of sex that dominates college campuses today, status is what sex is all about.

All things being equal, high-status students benefit from hookup culture, while low-status students suffer harm or exclusion.

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Among the most high-status students on campus are athletes — especially men who play the most celebrated sports.

However, the social power of some athletes may make it harder for peers to interrupt a potential assault when they see one happening.