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21-Nov-2017 02:05

Rules are the “standard” Swedish B&R, but most people are ok with people playing revised cards.Personally, I play a couple of revised duals and a couple of birds, but I try to avoid going overboard and avoid proxies.My mum actually managed to buy eight packs of The Dark for Christmas once, I think the local card store got an extra box in.I still remember not being too happy about expansions like Ice Age, I guess 93/94 was in my heart already back then.We have even talked about traveling to meet up with some players to play IRL.My experience so far, is that tournaments are a lot more chill if you schedule in matches in different sessions.I did get to play a lot of different opponents, I did have a great time, but I prefer playing one person without time limits.

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However, I have played around a little to try to optimize my setup.

Desperate to play magic, I decided to give it a go anyway.

Turned out, it was a great experience, time flew, I had a few beers, we played and talked about Magic for hours.

My favorite kill is a Berserked Dragon Whelp with Gauntlet of Might.

This is my build for an ongoing Skype tournament that allows revised.It has turned out a lot better than I expected it too.

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