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31-Dec-2017 20:46

Hell, it's even less work than "editing" a video because she absolutely have nothing to do.424194it's not her fault, that some people think donating to her will get them anything.For example, that guy yesterday that gave 100$ in on shot. 424185To me it's the equivalent of prostitution without the sex. The only difference is that the guys watching her can only hope she gets naked or show something as opposed to real sexcam where they will do it if you pay. she is not forcing anyone to do this and there are no rewards for donating to her.But with this kind of stuff, no matter the amount given, she will never show anything, it's 100% pandering. limiting the amount makes no sense, those people would simply donate several times.i've seen streams, where top donators got on friendslists and modded...Donations are just a way for people to go beyond that, but shouldn't be attached to any benefits.

I am personally not bothered by it, I don't care wether someone donates or not or how much, same also applies to the presents. I can assure you that the revenue from the donations will always outperform the one from the subscriptions. When there a fire alarm, it's enough for her not to do anything, suddenly she's super busy but find the time to do it...? He seems to have some kind of personal issue with that. Who the fuck cares if some either wealthy or deluded people throw money at her. Sometimes donations can be quite fun aswell, like this clip from Legendary Lea on Twitch. I find it extremely stupid that people throw money at them like this just because they are their waifu.

going by your logic, she should close all the ways of donating and probably her PO's not her responsibility to save those deluded people from throwing out their money out of the window and apart from thanking them, she does absolutely nothing to reinforce the delusions some people might have 424185I would agree that a limit would be preferable if it were possible. she even stresses the point that she does not expect people to donate and it not important to her that people give a lot.

of all the people I've seen do it, she's one of the most ethical.

that shady Exactly the kind of response I was waiting for.

People that want to get her attention will give money to her without limiting themselves because that's how mental issues works, you don't have to force them to give something, they can't help themselves. I didn't watch her livestream but if she does like other livestreamer, she'll mention the names of the people who donated.

I don't know I'm kinda confused about what the donations are for. The only disappointing thing is that due to her extremly euro unfriendly streaming schedule I haven't been able to watch a single of her livestreams this year and because I never watch livestream vods of just normal gameplay they might have not happened at all.

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