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In the 15th century Brno was besieged in 1428 and again in 1430 by the Hussites during the Hussite Wars. In 1641, in the midst of the Thirty Years' War, the Holy Roman Emperor and Margrave of Moravia Ferdinand III commanded permanent relocation of the diet, court, and the land tables from Olomouc to Brno, as Olomouc's Collegium Nordicum made it one of the primary targets of Swedish armies.

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In the years 1859-1864 the city fortification was almost completely removed.

In 1869 a horsecar service started to operate in Brno, it was the first tram service in what would later become the Czech republic.

Otherwise, until 1642 Olomouc was larger than Brno by population, and it was the seat of the only Roman Catholic diocese in Moravia.