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10-Dec-2017 19:54

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Anybody who's attended a holiday party at a digital-friendly house knows that, once everybody settles in, we all kind of disappear—down the rabbit hole of our phones, or plunged into whatever somebody put on TV.

But in Xfinity's take on a connected holiday, the din at Grandma's seems to get louder.

She has also refused requests from Sandiford to produce bank statements to account for the remaining money and has now cut off all contact with her.

"We discovered a bunch of tweets from grandkids lamenting the technological black hole that is Grandma's house during the holidays," Bryan Rowles, executive creative director at 72and Sunny New York, tells Adweek. A van rolls up and gives the "gates of hell" a tech upgrade—including Wi-Fi, voice remote control, shows, movies and music on demand, and Xfinity X1, a TV platform that includes Netflix.

Meanwhile, Rowles sheds light on how the grandparents felt when they read the tweets.