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Not less vivid is my first little piece, produced by Mr. It was called Ibsen's Ghost, and was a parody of the mightiest craftsman that ever wrote for our kind friends in front.

To save the management the cost of typing I wrote out the 'parts,' after being told what parts were, and I can still recall my first words, spoken so plaintively by a now famous actress,—'To run away from my second husband just as I ran away from my first, it feels quite like old times.' On the first night a man in the pit found Ibsen's Ghost so diverting that he had to be removed in hysterics.

I can haul back to mind the writing of almost every other assay of mine,however forgotten by the pretty public; but this play of Peter,no.

Even my beginning as an amateur playwright, that noble mouthful, Bandelero the Bandit, I remember every detail of its composition in my school days at Dumfries.

After that no one seems to have thought of it at all. How odd, too, that these trifles should adhere to the mind that cannot remember the long job of writing Peter.

It does seem almost suspicious, especially as I have not the original MS.

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There was not one of you who would not have sworn as an eye-witness to this occurrence; no doubt I was abetting, but you used to provide corroboration that was never given to you by me.

Bernard dog in atiger's mask who so frequently attacked you, and the literary record of that summer, The Boy Castaways, which is so much the best and the rarest of this author's works? It's all very well to say you are waiting; soam I waiting.

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