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A “triduum” in Roman Catholicism is the observance of three days leading up to a special feast day.

Quakers (or members of the Religious Society of Friends), participate in an "Alternative Christianity." The Society, which began in 1660, has a Christian background, but many key elements of Quaker doctrine stray from true Christianity, including Quaker approval of ecumenism, religious tolerance, and homosexuality.

"Father of dispenationalism" John Nelson Darby believed in antinomianism, as did those in the movement he founded—the Plymouth Brethren: The Plymouth Brethren originated in Dublin, Ireland, about the year 1830…Darby, a clergyman in the Church of England, renounced the Church, and assumed that all existing Church organizations are a detriment to Christianity, and obstructive of regeneration and the spiritual life... Of course they strenuously antagonize inwrought and personal holiness as an utter impossibility, since the old man has a lease of the soul which does not expire till death.

Yet they insist that they are perfectly holy in Christ "up there," while perfectly carnal and corrupt "down here" in their moral state... Darby said to the writer, "Jesus does not walk about in heaven dropping off fingers and toes," it follows that every believer once incorporated into Christ is absolutely sure of ultimate salvation. No act of sin, even murder, can remove us from our standing in Christ.

BASIC TENETS - The world and our bodies were created by an incompetent lesser God, but we contain a spark of divinity, and Jesus provided us with the knowledge to free it.

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The Quaker views on the divinity of Christ and inspiration of Scripture are also not consistent with God's Word.

Learn more about the Quakers and see examples of their doctrines in our encyclopedia.

This was probably the Olympian Zeus, or Baal Shamem. The book of 2 Maccabees detail the battles of Judas Maccabaeus, who defeated the armies of Antiochus.

2 Maccabees 9 details an account of worms swarming in Antiochus' eyes and his flesh rotting off while he was still alive.

Benefiting from victories of previous kings, Antiochus controlled Jerusalem for a short time.

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