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Eric Schmidt is a Houston Divorce Lawyer who handles ALL kinds of divorces -- from amicable, uncontested divorces, to contested divorces which go to trial.He has a proven record for working well with opposing counsel to resolve cases through settlement and/or mediation.Contact us today for a FREE Houston Lawyer Divorce Consultation You can also find me on Facebook, Linkedin and Google .EVENT DATE: January 27, 2018 Time: am – 11 am Location: 1000 Bagby St., Houston, TX 77002 Duties: Help fill cups with water, stack cups, hand out water to /walkers runners and throw cups in trash at a designated spot along the Race route.I will explain the different ways to get divorced -- for example -- and help you decide "which way to go! " There is NO insurance company to write you a big check at the end!

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I will explain the law, and inform you as to your options, along with our recommendations to achieve the best possible result.This should be differentiated from those situations in which Mr.