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13-Aug-2017 23:44

@twixtnightandmorn: This is why you ignore paragon and renagade points and just roleplay.Also: you killed someone for annoying you AS A PARAGON?!You can use these eight websites to get into comics for the first time, catch up on older issues, or just to poke around looking for hidden treasures.

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Others got rotated out, with priority going to Ashley and Tali.

: P I love Garrus, he never left my team all throughout ME1,2,3.

People back out of those kinds of things all the time. They can date other women, they can give interviews about their new lives, they can grow up and change and thrive, but they will always be stuck together, seared into our gossip cortex as one entity, forever circling each other, forever in a fraught pas de deux. There are so many things it could have been, and yet we’ll zero in on Kirsten Stewart’s presence at the same sprawling festival and tell ourselves that must be it.… continue reading »

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And we are not apologizing for helping both men and women meet their most basic human need to be physically safe and emotionally fulfilled.… continue reading »

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