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At local cinemas, according to one reporter, Chaplin’s antics ‘had the kids in hysterics.Really jumping with laughter.’ As for his own morals, they were few indeed - at least when it came to women, whom he treated appallingly.One of the first to discover this was his co-star Edna Purviance, whom he met in 1915.The pair are pictured here in 1918 film The Bond The predominant smells were those of vinegar, dog dung, smoke and beer, compounded by the stink of poverty.But a year after the birth, he walked out — probably because he suspected Hannah of infidelity — leaving her and the boys to lead an impoverished existence.Charlie later confessed that his mother had many subsequent affairs.Sin duda el libro nos da una version importante de su vida hablando en primera persona.

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Fue un genio del cinemudo que se resistió a aceptar la invención del sonoro.Still, Sennett needed another actor for his Keystone Cops productions, and Chaplin had proved he could do vaudeville sketches in small theatres.